Jury Members Announced and Rules/Guidelines

The Statler Competition is pleased to announce the jurors for 'A Temporary Facade'.

They are:

Virginia McAlester, Author and Preservation Architecture Consultant
John Maruszczak, Associate Professor, UTA School of Architecture
Willis Winters, FAIA, Assistant Director Parks and Recreation, City of Dallas

We are lucky that these jurors have graciously accepted our invitation!

Also, please find this link to photographs of the Statler. http://www.flickr.com/photos/40280454@N03/?saved=1 More photographs will be posted by July 11, but these should prove helpful. Please use these photographs as you wish. Drawings will be posted if they are available, but their availability/existence has not been confirmed at this time.

Below are clarifications to the RULES and basic GUIDELINES for which the entries shall be judged. First, the design must enhance the pedestrian experience at the park and along the Statler hotel. The design should address the first level, and possibly the second level. Second, the design should offer the Statler some level of protection from vandalism. Some areas along the storefront are not problematic, although others areas invite 'unwanted behaviors'. Please review the photos and visit the site to determine what areas need protection. Third, the design should consider the 'beauty of economy'. The intent of the competition is to provide a design that will be comissioned. While a budget is being provided by more than one source, know that the amount is nevertheless modest. Lastly, the installation is TEMPORARY. Because of its nature as a Dallas Landmark, no portion of this temporary installation can attach to the building. This means that the following are NOT allowed: eyehooks in mortar joints, attachments in soffit plaster, attachments to wood paneling, attachments to aluminum storefront, etc.