FAQ and Existing Drawings

Original facade drawings do not exist. CAD drawings of a portion of the Statler north facade will be posted on the ftp site for registrants on Saturday, June 18. Submit your registration notice (an email), and we will give you access to the ftp site if you have not already received access.


1. To be clear, the project is intended to address the Statler alone, and not the adjacent former library - a portion of which faces the Park, correct?

Though the library was not a part of the original scope, we are certainly open to designs that incorporate the entire block.

2. Is the project intended to address the West face of the Statler as well as the North face?

The North face is the priority, however again – if it balances your design to “wrap” to the west, please do so!

3. Is it alright if only 1 member of a 2 member team is an AIA Dallas member? Or do both have to be members to qualify and submit an entry?

You can team up with an AIA member.

4. Why do you want to show off downtown's "vibrancy" by "boarding up" the ground level of the grand hotel?

The intent of the competition is to enhance this Dallas modern classic while it sits vacant. Submissions can certainly board up the facade, but they probably won't do so well with the jury.