Urban Places - Case Studies

To continue the push toward good urban design, AIA/Dallas Communities by Design has embarked on a project to perform 'case studies' of some existing urban neighborhoods within the AIA Dallas area.

We are reviewing the urban design aspects of these neighborhoods within the framework the
AIA's 10 Principles for Livable Communities Criteria; what makes a community 'livable', or rather, what makes a community rich with the best aspects of 'urban' living. It could be a suburban area, but in the case of Addison Circle, for example, the characteristics of the neighborhood are distinctly urban. It has a quality density, a sense of place, access to transportation, etc., etc. The purpose of this effort is to applaud those areas that offer these rich environments, but also encourage - or simply be another reminder of - the benefits and opportunities available with true urban environments.

These case studies are aimed at...anyone, really...to see the many benefits of active, urban places. Many architects 'drank the Kool Aid' on this topic long ago, but we think they would find it interesting as well. These areas are not published in any particular ranking or order. We may do that later. But, while we felt we would simply present compelling case studies and thereby encourage others to appreciate urbanism, we have found it has thoughtfully provoked our committee members in such a way as to, hopefully, better our individual practices of urban design. In other words, if its not helpful or interesting to anyone else, its at least been interesting to us!

The first case study is of Victory Park in Dallas, followed shortly by Addison Circle. We plan to issue these occasionally, as our schedules permit. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to send them to