Proposed Changes to Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance

When: June 2nd, 2011at 12pm
Where: City Design Studio @ Dallas City Hall 2B North
1500 Marilla St
Lunch: Brown Bag
Cost: No Charge
CEUs: 1 Sustainable Design

Presented by Mr. Steve Houser, Dallas Historic Tree Coalition and the Urban Forest Advisory Committee.
The Urban Forest Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity on matters of environmental stewardship, specifically concerning the care and planting of trees and the urban forest by advocating sound arboricultural and urban forest management practices.

The UFAC has presented a plan requesting Dallas elected officials to consider modifying Article X: The Tree and Landscape Ordinance. Changes proposed are based on input from developers, architects, Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, multifamily builders, and others. The proposed changes encourage tree preservation, modify tree removal requirements, and allow city staff more flexibility.

Come listen to Mr. Houser describe these changes and more. You do not need to be an AIA/D member to attend.